Check-list Catia installation

  1. Check usage request
    It must be certain that the network R:\ volume is mounted before launching the execution of Catia:
  2. Computer’s network configuration:
    Can you send me the file myip.txt this command:
    performed with start, run, cmd:
    ipconfig /all > myip.txt
  3. Open connections on the computer:
    Can you send me the file open.txt this command:
    performed with start, run, cmd:
    netstat -a > open.txt
  4. Integrity checks your installation of Catia
    • Connect with the Administrator account
    • Start menu, type cmd
    • Type these commands inside:
      type "C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B28\win_b64\LevelSPK.txt"
    • Which must give these results:
      Version 5-6 Release 2018 Service Pack 3
  5. Finally, we must be sure that the license file is correct.
    The process to follow is described here:
    In detail: it must replace DSLicSrv.txt file located at C:\ProgramData\DassaultSystemes\Licenses by DSLicSrv.txt file located at I:\cad\ibm-dassault\licences_serveur (with I:\ that points to \\\app)
  6. Check if the licence server is accessible.
    Open in any browers this URL
    You got some strange characters