License Server

  1. Catia V5 R20 SP7 DSLS
  2. MSC (SimDesigner/Adams)
  3. Ansys (EPFL)
  4. IMS Post 7.4
  5. Abaqus 6.14 (EPFL)
  6. ProE-Creo
  7. DFMA-Boothroyd
  8. Belsim Vali
  9. ESAcomp
  10. PSE gPROMS
  11. Cadrat Flux 2D-3D
  12. Atempo backup
  13. Belsim VALI
  14. CST Studio
  15. EMPT-RV
  16. CIMSOFT trelis

The ports to use for licenses

Application Software New License
Catia V5R20 DSLS stilic4:4085,stilic3:4085,stisrv5:4085
MSC (SimDesigner/Adams) 1700@stilic1
IMS post 7.4 27000@stilic1
Abaqus RESEARCH 6.14 27005@stilic3
Abaqus TEACHING 6.14 27005@stilic5
ProE 7788@stilic4
DFMA-Boothroyd 27004@stilic1
ESAcomp 27344@stilic1
AGI-STK 27001@stilic5
PSE gPROMS 27006@stilic3
Cedrat Flux 2d-3d 27007@stilic1
Atempo Backup 27006@stilic2
Belsim Vali stilic1
CST Studio 27010@stilic5
EMPT-RV 27011@stilic2
SIMSOFT trelis port 5053, stilic2

Modification of the License server host address

For the installation of Catia version V5R20 DSLS on your workstation:

1 automatic process:
I:\  linked to\\\app
Run this script:

2 manually :
You must replace the file DSLicSrv.txt which is found at this path C:\ProgramData\DassaultSystemes\Licenses by the file DSLicSrv.txt which is at this path I:\cad\ibm-dassault\licences_serveur (with I:\  linked to\\\app).

For the Application software Adams:
Menu Start > MSC Software > MD Adams R3 > Adams Client License Setup >

Enter the License Server Host #1 1700@stilic1 > OK

IMS Post 7.4
!! Attention: ONLY FOR WORKSHOPS !!
Start > right click My computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables


Variable value: 27000@stilic1

Abaqus 6.8
Start > run > cmd > regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > SIMULIA > Abaqus > right click LicServer1 > modify the key > replace 27005@stiitpc14 par 27005@stilic3 RESEARCH
ou  27005@stilic5 TEACHING

Start > run > cmd > regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > SIMULIA > Abaqus > 6.8.1 > right click  LicServer1 > modify the key > replace 27005@stili1 par 27005@stilic3 RESEARCH
 ou  27005@stilic5 TEACHING

Open the file abaqus_v6.env which is found at this path C:\SIMULIA\Abaqus\6.8-1\site and replace the line abaquslm_license_file=”27005@stilic1″ by  abaquslm_license_file=”27005@stilic3″ RESEARCH
ou  abaquslm_license_file=”27005@stilic5″ TEACHING

Detailed procedure at this URL
Please use the new licence server:

Start> Programs > DFMA > DFMA License Manager
> specify license location > specify the license server: Hostname = stilic1, Port = 27004


  • Double click on installer (32 or 64 bits).
  • On the Window “Setup licence manager”, choose “Use remote license server(s)”
  • On the Window “Remote licence server”, in the field “Server 1”, enter: 27006@stilic1

Belsim VALI
Modify the file at the path /to/belsim/dat/belsim.ini to enter the address of the license server (stilic1).

Cedrat Flux 2d-3d

  • licence serveur: 27007@stilic1

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